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Accuplacer Reading Comprehension Sample Questions : Narrative Questions

Read the statement or passage and then choose the best answer to the question. Answer the question on the basis of what is stated or implied in the statement or passage.

  1. There are two types of pottery that I do. There is production pottery - mugs, tableware, the kinds of things that sell easily. These pay for my time to do other work, which is more creative and satisfies my needs as an artist.

    The author of this passage implies that

    1. artists tend to waste valuable time.
    2. creativity and mass-production are incompatible.
    3. most people do not appreciate good art.
    4. pottery is not produced by creative artists.

    Answer :D

  2. Myths are stories, the products of fertile imagination, sometimes simple, often containing profound truths. They are not meant to be taken too literally. Details may sometimes appear childish, but most myths express a culture's most serious beliefs about human beings, eternity, and God.

    The main idea of this passage is that myths

    1. are created primarily to entertain young children.
    2. are purposely written for the reader who lacks imagination.
    3. provide the reader with a means of escape from reality.
    4. illustrate the values that are considered important to a society.

    Answer :A

  3. In the words of Thomas De Quincey, "It is notorious that the memory strengthens as you lay burdens upon it." If, like most people, you have trouble recalling names of those you have just met, try this: the next time you are introduced, plan to remember the names. Say to yourself, "I'll listen carefully; repeat each person's name to be sure I've got it, and I will remember." You'll discover how effective this technique is and probably recall those names for the rest of your life.

    The main idea of the paragraph maintains that the memory

    1. always operates at peak efficiency.
    2. breaks down under great strain.
    3. improves if it is used often.
    4. becomes unreliable if it tires.

    Answer :C

  4. It is said that a smile is universally understood. And nothing triggers a smile more universally than a taste of sugar. Nearly everyone loves sugar. Infant studies indicate that humans are born with an innate love of sweets. Based on statistics, a lot of people in Great Britain must be smiling, because on average, every man, woman and child in that country consumes ninety-five pounds of sugar each year.

    From this passage it seems safe to conclude that the English

    1. do not know that too much sugar is unhealthy.
    2. eat desserts at every meal.
    3. are fond of sweets than most people.
    4. have more cavities than any other people.

    Answer :C

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