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Accuplacer Reading Comprehension Sample Questions : Narrative Questions

  1. Primitive people tended to be highly superstitious. Anything out of the ordinary that happened was regarded with superstitious fear. Most people throughout history have been right-handed. For that reason, left-handedness was regarded as an evil omen. The Latin word for left is sinister. Since many people regarded left-handedness as bad, the word sinister entered the English language meaning evil.

    From the passage we can conclude that fear and superstition usually grew from

    1. Lack of knowledge.
    2. Left-handedness.
    3. Evil omens.
    4. Terrifying circumstances.

    Answer :A

  2. In 1848, Charles Burton of New York City made the first baby carriage, but people strongly objected to the vehicles because they said the carriage operators hit too many pedestrians. Still convinced that he had a good idea, Burton opened a factory in England. He obtained orders for the baby carriages from Queen Isabella II of Spain, Queen Victoria of England, and the Pasha of Egypt. The United States had to wait another ten years before it got a carriage factory and the first year only 75 carriages were sold.

    Even after the success of baby carriages in England,

    1. Charles Burton was a poor man.
    2. Americans were still reluctant to buy baby carriages.
    3. Americans purchased thousands of baby carriages.
    4. The United States bought more carriages than any other country.

    Answer :B

  3. All water molecules form six-sided structures as they freeze and become snow crystals. The shape of the crystal is determined by temperature, vapor, and wind conditions in the upper atmosphere. Snow crystals are always symmetrical.

    The purpose of the passage is to present

    1. A personal observation.
    2. A solution to a problem.
    3. Actual information.
    4. Opposing scientific theories.

    Answer :C

  4. Every sip of milk contains 59 different bioactive hormones according to endocrinologist Clark Grosvenor. Imagine taking 59 different hormone pills every morning, afternoon and evening. These hormones cause mood swings, irritability and depression. Imagine the devastation that is created in your body by the cumulative effect of taking those powerful drugs. What is the gross effect on the total behavior of a society, so dosed?

    As we drink more and more mild and increase the amount of genetically engineered mild and cheese and ice cream products containing increased levels of naturally occurring milk hormones, we most certainly have influenced the way we act as a society.

    The author's argument is that

    1. Many people are drug addicts.
    2. Milk has an effect on the way our society acts.
    3. Women need to take hormones.
    4. Everyone should drink more milk.

    Answer :B

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