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A+ Sample Questions

A+ Certification is an industry recognized credential that certifies the competency of PC Service Specialists. It is sponsored by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) and tests are administered by Drake Parametric. The program is backed by over 50 Major computer hardware and software manufacturers, vendors, distributors, resellers and publishers. A+ certification provides a wealth of benefits to any person seeking a job in the computer industry!

A+ Certification is open to anyone who wants to take the tests. No specific requirements are necessary, except payment of the fee. Individuals may retake the test modules as often as they like, but the Core and one specialty must be passed within 90 calendar days of each other in order to become certified.

With the rapidly increasing demand for top-notch PC technicians, just being good at your job is not enough anymore. A+ sample questions will enhance your current credentials, help pave the way to better job opportunities and give you an edge over other PC Repair Technicians. A+ Certification sample questions fully prepares you for the A+ Certification exams. This interactive A+ sample questions gives you everything needed to pass the A+ exams and excel in today's competitive PC repair marketplace.

A+ sample questions are divide in following two sections.

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