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A+ Operating Systems Sample Questions

  1. You can't print from Windows. How can you test to see whether or not it's the printer at fault? Select all that apply.
    1. at a DOS prompt type "dir > prn"
    2. at a DOS prompt type "type c:\autoexec.bat > lpt1:"
    3. at a DOS prompt type "print dir"
    4. after a dir command, hit the prtscr key
    5. edit the "print=" line in system.ini

    Answer :A, B

  2. You've got a couple of megs left on your hard drive, and now, all of a sudden, you can't print from Windows. Why?
    1. print manager needs hard drive space to spool print jobs until they're printed
    2. Windows can't expand its swap file enough to service its print function
    3. The Windows kernel doesn't have enough space to load the print driver
    4. DOS shuts down the printer function to preserve space for itself
    5. The DOS kernel turns off the Windows print function and loads its own smaller print functions

    Answer :A

  3. What is the Windows font type that consists only of line segments, and have no filled in areas?
    1. bitmap
    2. vector
    3. lined
    4. outline
    5. raster

    Answer :B

  4. Which font type is infinitely rescalable?
    1. bitmap
    2. outline
    3. vector
    4. TIF
    5. PCX

    Answer :C

  5. Which type of font is characterized by poor quality, fast, and small file size?
    1. vector
    2. outline
    3. bitmap
    4. raster
    5. lined

    Answer :A

  6. Which font type is composed only of dots on the screen?
    1. bitmap
    2. outline
    3. vector
    4. matrix
    5. plotted

    Answer :A

  7. Which file extensions indicate a bitmap type file? Select all that apply.
    1. BMP
    2. TIF
    3. PCX
    4. TRX
    5. PGM

    Answer :A, B & C

  8. The image in a bitmap file is also known as a raster image.
    1. true
    2. false

    Answer :A

  9. Which font type combines the properties of both vector and bitmap?
    1. outline
    2. matrix
    3. plotted
    4. fixed
    5. sputtered

    Answer :A

  10. Truetype fonts are of which font type?
    1. matrix
    2. outline
    3. plotted
    4. vector
    5. truetype is not a font type

    Answer :B


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