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A+ Sample Questions » A+ Operating Systems Sample Questions

A+ Operating Systems Sample Questions

  1. What is a PIF?
    1. programmed input file
    2. programmed interrupt function
    3. program information file
    4. processed information files
    5. programmed information format

    Answer :C

  2. Which Windows file provides support for loading DOS programs?
    2. pif.exe
    3. win.ini
    4. system.ini
    5. winoldap

    Answer :E

  3. Windows uses PIFs to set the following parameters for DOS programs: (select all that apply)
    1. start-up directory
    2. EMS memory
    3. XMS memory
    4. run in full screen or windowed
    5. exclusive

    Answer :A, B, C, D & E

  4. What does the file winoldap do?
    1. provides Windows resources for DOS programs
    2. looks for the PIF for a DOS program
    3. runs DOS programs in real mode
    4. run DOS programs in standard mode
    5. loads the Winhelper program for DOS applications

    Answer :B

  5. If you don't shut down Windows properly it can cause lost clusters. How are lost clusters recovered?
    1. run chkdsk
    2. run scandisk
    3. use the Windows backup program
    4. use file manager
    5. they can't be recovered

    Answer :B

  6. Is it possible to load himem.sys in config.sys with the statement: "devicehigh=himem.sys"?
    1. yes
    2. no, but it can be loaded high with "loadigh"
    3. yes, but you must include the /LH switch
    4. you cannot load himem.sys into upper memory
    5. yes, but you must include the /H switch

    Answer :D

  7. A GPF, or General Protection Fault is usually caused when an application tries to read or write to the memory space belonging to another application. Because almost no application is perfectly written, and because Windows itself is not perfect, there will be GPFs from time to time. However, there are things that can be done to reduce them. Select all the following which can help to do this:
    1. use the latest versions of himem.sys and emm386.exe
    2. run the latest version of DOS
    3. add more ram
    4. make sure the FILES= statement in config.sys is set to at least 50
    5. try a generic video or mouse driver to see if the new driver is to blame

    Answer :A, B, C, D & E

  8. If the DOS environment size is not large enough to handle all the DOS and Windows environment variables, Windows can lock up or produce GPFs. What statement do you place in config.sys to increase the DOS environment size?
    1. dosincr=env /e:1024 /p
    2. dos=env /e:1024 /p
    3. shell=dos /1024 /e /p
    4. winshell=dosenv /e:1024 /e /p
    5. shell=c:\dos\ /e:1024 /p

    Answer :E

    [GPF tips: sometimes errant applications will add giberish characters to win.ini and system.ini at the end of the file Also, sometimes it helps to upgrade the PC's bios. Finally, you may want to defrag the hard drive(backup everything first!), and then change your swap file from temporary to permanent. If you are still having alot of GPF's you may want to run Norton's extensive memory checking utility to see if you have a bad memory chip. This test can take hours to complete And as always, don't forget to check for a virus!]

  9. In order for Windows to print, you must have a temp variable set.
    1. true
    2. false

    Answer :A

  10. If you want to upgrade Windows 3.1 to Windows 95, and save all your application settings, you must:
    1. install Win95 in a different directory than Win 3.1
    2. install Win95 in the same directory as Win 3.1
    3. install Win95 in the DOS directory
    4. install Win95 with the /old switch
    5. install Win95 with the /DOS switch

    Answer :B


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