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A+ Operating Systems Sample Questions

  1. supports a number of switches to force Windows to start in the mode selected. You enter /s at the DOS prompt. How is Windows started?
    1. safe mode
    2. standard mode
    3. real mode
    4. 386 enhanced mode
    5. swap mode

    Answer :B

  2. Cooperative multi-tasking means that after a certain peiod of time, Windows takes control of the CPU from one application to give it to the next one waiting to run.
    1. true
    2. false

    Answer :B

  3. The Windows swap file can exist on a compressed volume.
    1. true
    2. false

    Answer :A

  4. To change your swap file settings, which one of these is correct?
    1. go to file manager, swap file, virtual memory settings
    2. go to program manager, virtual memory settings, swap file
    3. go to control panel, 386 enhanced, virtual memory
    4. got to control panel, swap file settings
    5. got to control panel, virtual memory, settings

    Answer :C

  5. Windows multitasking causes several interrupt requests to be sent to the CPU. What statement can you place in config.sys to increase the scratch-pad memory used for interrupt handling?
    1. irq /m:1024
    2. irq=m:4196
    3. stacks=9,256
    4. winramirq=2048
    5. the CPU doesn't need help handling IRQs

    Answer :C

  6. Your PC boots fine to DOS, but when starting Windows, your screen goes blank or is totally unreadable. You suspect that the proper driver is not installed for your video adapter. You decide you want Windows to startup using a standard driver which will work with your video adapter. What file do you edit to allow this?
    1. win.ini
    2. system.ini
    5. config.sys

    Answer :B

  7. Referring to #76, you locate the line in the proper file, which starts with "display.drv=". Now complete the statement to load that standard driver.
    1. stdvideo.sys
    2. svga.sys
    3. vga.sys
    4. vga.drv
    5. video.drv

    Answer :D

  8. Your video is not looking the way it should. You know you have the proper video driver loaded You double check your config.sys file and find what missing?
    1. device=video.drv
    2. device=ansi.sys
    4. loadhigh=ansi.sys
    5. load=video.sys

    Answer :B

  9. In config.sys, which loads drivers into upper memory?
    1. loadhigh=
    2. lh=
    3. highload=
    4. device=high
    5. devicehigh=

    Answer :E

  10. Real mode is:
    1. the same as standard mode
    2. 8088/86 mode
    3. used only in Windows
    4. run on unix machines only
    5. does not exist

    Answer :B


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