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A+ Operating Systems Sample Questions

  1. Cross-linked files are files which erroneously claim the same cluster. Only one file can have the cluster, which means that fixing the problem will result in some data loss, but recovering one file is better than losing both. What DOS program "fixes" cross-linked files?
    1. chkdsk
    2. scandisk
    3. verify
    4. unlink
    5. link /repair

    Answer :B

  2. Which command makes a file read only?
    1. attrib +r "filename"
    2. read_only +r "filename"
    3. read_status /y "filename"
    4. readonly /y "filename"
    5. attrib /r "filename"

    Answer :A

  3. Which of the following file types are run simply by typing them at the DOS prompt?
    1. sys
    2. exe
    3. bat
    4. com
    5. dat

    Answer :A, B, C

  4. Which file displays the DOS prompt?
    1. prompt
    3. io.sys
    4. msdos.sys

    Answer :B

  5. An external DOS command is an executable file, such as XCOPY.EXE or ATTRIB.EXE However, there are also internal commands that are not files, but are rather processed by COMMAND.COM. Which of the following are internal commands?
    1. copy
    2. chkdsk
    3. dir
    4. format
    5. chdir

    Answer :A, C & E

  6. You type a valid executable file that you know is on your PC, but get the error message, "Bad command or file name". What is wrong?
    1. system files are corrupt
    2. most likely a virus
    3. the file is in a directory not specified by the path statement
    4. you typed an internal command used by a different DOS version
    5. config.sys has been accidently deleted

    Answer :E

  7. "Loadhigh" or "LH" is used to load TSRs into upper memory. Where is this statement used?
    1. config.sys
    2. autoexec.bat
    3. msdos.sys
    4. io.sys

    Answer :B

  8. What device driver is used to create a virtual (or ram) drive? [As a side note, in DOS 3.0 and some others, vdisk.sys was the device driver used]
    1. vram.sys
    2. virtual.sys
    3. virtual.ram
    4. ramdisk.sys
    5. ramdrive.sys

    Answer :E

  9. Which file contains the DOS kernel?
    1. io.sys
    3. msdos.sys
    4. config.sys
    5. autoexec.bat

    Answer :A

  10. A cluster is the minimum file allocation unit. A cluster is composed of:
    1. off-set code
    2. conventional ram
    3. sectors
    4. sections
    5. clustettes

    Answer :C


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