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A+ Operating Systems Sample Questions

  1. You wish to make a diskette bootable. From the "C" prompt you type: (select all that apply)
    1. sys a:
    2. sys c: a:
    3. sys boot a:
    4. boot /a
    5. sys /a: /boot

    Answer :A, B

  2. As you soon as you see DOS starting, what key do you press to bypass the startup files?
    1. F6
    2. F5
    3. F8
    4. ESC
    5. CTRL

    Answer :B

  3. What are the user configureable DOS startup files?
    1. config.dos
    2. config.sys
    3. dosstart.exe
    4. autoexec.bat
    5. msdos.sys

    Answer :B, D

  4. As soon as you see DOS starting, what key do you press to step through the startup files?
    1. F4
    2. F5
    3. F8
    4. ALT
    5. TAB

    Answer :C

  5. Which statement is placed in autoexec.bat to halt its processing until a key is pressed?
    1. stop
    2. hold
    3. pause
    4. interrupt
    5. whoa

    Answer :C

  6. You have an older PC that may or may not require the double buffering option in SMARTDRV.EXE What can you type at the DOS prompt to find out if it's needed?
    1. smartdrv /double/?
    2. smartdrv
    3. smartdrv /? /double-buffer
    4. smartdrv /double-buffer
    5. smartdrv /db-function

    Answer :B

  7. What is the switch to use with SMARTDRV to cause it to disable write-behind caching on all drives?
    1. /no-wb
    2. /cache:off
    3. /c
    4. /off
    5. /x

    Answer :E

  8. If SMARTDRV is not loaded you may reduce the number of allocated buffers in the "BUFFERS=" statement.
    1. true
    2. false

    Answer :B

  9. What DBLSPACE switch is used to create a new compressed drive?
    1. /compress
    2. /automount
    3. /create
    4. /mount
    5. /size

    Answer :C

  10. In DOS 6.0, once a drive has been compressed using DBLSPACE, it cannot be uncompressed However, DOS 6.2 and above allows for a compressed drive to be uncompressed. After you determine you have enough free space to "unravel" a compressed drive, what switch do you use with DBLSPACE to do this?
    1. /undo
    2. /uncompress
    3. /back
    4. /restore
    5. /unpack

    Answer :B


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