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A+ Operating Systems Sample Questions


Believe it or not, even when you are not taking the Macintosh elective, you will be hit with at least a couple of questions relating to Macintosh computers. I think I had about three when I took my test. Don't be worried too much about it, just at least be familiar with these very basic Mac quirks, I mean questions.

  1. You turn on your Mac(I know it's hard, but just pretend you have one), and you see a disk icon with a blinking question mark in it, though a diskette is not in the drive. This means:
    1. your floppy drive is defective
    2. your diskette has a virus
    3. your hard drive is no longer recognized as a boot drive
    4. your floppy cable is bad
    5. your floppy drive is just being checked

    Answer :C

  2. You get a sad face on your screen. This could mean that: (select all that apply)
    1. you've got a serious hardware problem
    2. you have a system software problem
    3. your SCSI controller is defective
    4. your hard drive crashed
    5. your ram is defective

    Answer :A, B, C, D & E

  3. You get a dialog box on the screen with a bomb icon in it. This is because:
    1. the Mac is overheated
    2. you've got a system crash
    3. you've got an application error
    4. the Mac just detected a virus
    5. you accidentally hit the ESCAPE key

    Answer :B

  4. A diamond icon with a short line through one side of it represents:
    1. IDE
    2. SCSI
    3. ESDI
    4. LPT1
    5. Video port

    Answer :B

  5. The <...> icon represents:
    1. SCSI
    2. IDE
    3. Video port
    4. Token Ring
    5. Ethernet

    Answer :E

  6. Mac devices do not have jumpers or dip switches, they are fully plug-and-play.
    1. true
    2. false

    Answer :A

  7. The Mac printer port is serial, unlike PCs which are parallel.
    1. true
    2. false

    Answer :A

  8. The Mac Powerbook is based on what type of architecture?
    1. RISC
    2. CISC
    3. DISC
    4. XRCS
    5. XRSC

    Answer :A

  9. What is an alias?
    1. A duplicate file icon, which basically represents a file, folder, or disk. It is pretty much like the Windows 95 shortcut feature.
    2. a way to hide a file
    3. a system function used only by the operating system
    4. an icon creator
    5. doesn't pertain to the Mac

    Answer :A

  10. What is an extension?
    1. software that extend's the Mac's system capabilities
    2. a Mac application
    3. software that allow Windows 95 to run on a Mac
    4. a three digit alpha-numeric add-on to Mac files
    5. a plug-in for a Mac hard card

    Answer :A

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