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A+ Operating Systems Sample Questions

Windows 95 and Networking

  1. A LAN is a local area network. A WAN is a wide area network. Which of the following qualifies as a LAN? Select all that apply.
    1. several stand-alone computers on the same floor in a building
    2. one computer in Atlanta and one in Amarillo connected through an ISDN line
    3. two computers on different floors in a building linked with an Ethernet connection
    4. One computer and two HP JetAdmin printers connected by an active hub using the DLC protocol
    5. One NT server and one Windows 95 client connected by a direct cable connection

    Answer :C, D & E

  2. OSI stands for open systems interconnect. These are the layers in this network model:

    7. application
    6. presentation
    5. session
    4. transport
    3. network
    2. data link
    1. physical

  3. Which of the following protocols are routable? Select all that apply.
    1. netbeui
    2. DLC
    3. Decnet
    4. IPX/SPX
    5. TCPIP

    Answer :B, C, D & E

  4. Network protocols are installed much the same way device drivers are in Windows 95. When a protocol is installed, it is bound to the network card's driver. This process is called "binding". The binding order can affect a network's efficiency. Your most used protocol on a network should be installed:
    1. last
    2. first
    3. last, unless it's TCPIP
    4. first, unless it's TCPIP
    5. doesn't matter if it's a slow protocol

    Answer :B

  5. DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration protocol. If you have a DHCP server, this means that configuring client IP addresses:
    1. becomes much more complicated
    2. is automatically done by the DHCP server
    3. requires only the subnet and DNS addresses
    4. requires only the default gateway
    5. requires only the WINS server IP

    Answer :B

  6. You are using the IPX/SPX protocol on your network, and your newly installed Windows 95 PC won't connect to any of the servers. All the hardware checks out fine, and all the drivers are properly loaded. All the cable connections check out find. What is probably the problem?
    1. the servers are not running IPX/SPX
    2. the network drivers on the servers are corrupt
    3. check the frame type on the Windows 95 PC
    4. install TCPIP on the servers
    5. install TCPIP on the Windows 95 PC

    Answer :C

  7. Most network problems occur at which OSI layer?
    1. network
    2. transport
    3. data link
    4. session
    5. physical

    Answer :E

  8. Which network troubleshooting tool tests cables for breaks, crimps, or shorts?
    1. TDR
    2. protocol anyalyzer
    3. network monitor
    4. digital multimeter
    5. analog multimeter

    Answer :A

  9. What is the smallest unit of data transfer over a network?
    1. data bit
    2. byte
    3. packet
    4. data package
    5. megabit

    Answer :C

  10. The internet uses which network protocol?
    1. IPX/SPX
    2. LAT
    3. ATM
    4. Netbeui
    5. TCPIP

    Answer :E


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