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A+ Operating Systems Sample Questions

Windows 95 and Networking

  1. You have trouble printing from Windows 95. What is one of the first things you should do?
    1. reinstall the printer
    2. reload the print driver
    3. disable EMF spooling
    4. disable EPP port
    5. disable ECP port

    Answer :C

  2. Windows 95 gives you the opportunity to create a startup disk when you install it. However, if you skip it during installation, how can you create one later?
    1. open "My Computer", select startup disk
    2. go to System, Programs, Startup
    3. go to control panel, add/remove programs, startup disk tab, create
    4. go to control panel, startup disk, create
    5. go to Explorer, select startup disk, create

    Answer :C

  3. How do you create a shortcut? Select all that apply.
    1. from Explorer, right-click a run file and drag it to the desktop, then select "create shortcut".
    2. right-click desktop, select new, select shortcut
    3. run shortcut.exe
    4. control panel, create shortcut
    5. control panel, system, settings, shortcuts

    Answer :A, B

  4. You name a file "This is my file". How is the file name displayed from the DOS prompt?
    1. thisismy.fil
    2. thisis.myf
    3. this.ile
    4. thisis~1
    5. this is my file

    Answer :D

  5. Can Windows 95 dual boot with NT?
    1. yes, but only if Windows 95 is installed first
    2. yes, but only if NT is installed first
    3. yes, but only in a network
    4. yes, but only NT 5.0
    5. no

    Answer :A

  6. You want Windows 95 to go straight to a DOS prompt as soon as it boots. Which file must you modify to accomplish this?
    2. system.dat
    3. system.ini
    4. msdos.sys
    5. io.sys

    Answer :D

  7. Referring to question 37, which statement must you place in the file?
    1. no_graph=1
    2. graph.sys=0
    3. bootgui=0
    4. bootdos=1
    5. boot.sys=1

    Answer :C

  8. When you start Windows 95 in MSDOS mode, what happens to Windows?
    1. it runs in the background
    2. it goes into "sleep mode"
    3. it runs minimized on the Task Bar
    4. it is unloaded from memory
    5. nothing

    Answer :D

  9. You usually run Windows 95 on your computer, but one day you left a bootable DOS 6.22 diskette in the floppy drive. You let it bootup DOS, and decide to defrag your hard drive using DOS 6.22. What happens to your Windows 95 long file names?
    1. they are stored in the TEMP directory.
    2. they are gone
    3. they are compressed until Windows 95 is run again
    4. they are hidden
    5. they are given a "dos" extension

    Answer :B

  10. In Windows 95, where do you disable write-behind caching?
    1. system properties, performance, file system, troubleshooting
    2. device manager, settings, caching
    3. boot drive properties, caching
    4. system properties, caching, settings, disable
    5. it must be done from a DOS prompt

    Answer :A


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