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A+ Operating Systems Sample Questions

Windows 95 and Networking

  1. You are having problems with your PC, and you want to start it in "Safe Mode", so that just the minimum configuration needed to run Windows 95 loads. How do you do this? Select all that apply.
    1. F8, select "Safe Mode"
    2. F5
    3. F4
    4. press ALT-S as soon as Windows starts
    5. type Win95 /s at a DOS prompt

    Answer :A, B

  2. You install a super-wing-ding video card and driver, but your display hasn't changed. How is the display changed? Select all that apply.
    1. right-click desktop, properties, settings
    2. start, programs, video, utilities, settings
    3. start, Explorer, video, settings
    4. edit video settings in system.ini
    5. left-click start, settings, control panel, display

    Answer :A, E

  3. From what part of Windows 95 can you view device properties or remove them completely?
    1. control panel, devices
    2. device manager
    3. system, settings
    4. explorer, devices
    5. devices in "My Computer"

    Answer :

  4. The Windows 3.1 File Manager has been replaced by what in Windows 95?
    1. Program Manager
    2. Device Manager
    3. System Manager
    4. Explorer
    5. Control Panel

    Answer :D 26. If you delete a file from a windows on the Windows 95 desktop, how can you get it back?

    1. run undelete from a DOS prompt
    2. run 95undel from a Windows 95 command line
    3. look in the Recycle Bin
    4. run recover.exe
    5. you can't get it back

    Answer :C

  5. To install Windows 95 over a network, what is the best way to do this?
    1. win /a
    2. win /n
    3. netsetup
    4. netinstall
    5. it can't be done with Windows 95

    Answer :C

  6. Without the Plus pack, how large can you create a compressed drive using Windows 95 drvspace?
    1. 512 meg
    2. 1 gig
    3. 2.1 gig
    4. 4 gig
    5. 8 gig

    Answer :A

  7. To install Windows 95 from DOS, what is the minimum amount of conventional memory required?
    1. 350k
    2. 470k
    3. 512k
    4. 640k
    5. as long as DOS loads, Windows 95 can install

    Answer :B

  8. Bus enumerators build the hardware tree on bootup. Which two bus enumerators are not included with Windows 95?
    1. SCSI
    2. IDE
    3. VLB
    4. MCA
    5. ISA

    Answer :C, D

  9. "Hot Docking" means that:
    1. power must be off to remove\install a device
    2. power can be on to remove\install a device
    3. a warm boot must be done before a device is removed\installed
    4. a hot boot must be done before a device is removed\installed
    5. the power supply shuts down upon reaching a certain temperature

    Answer :B

  10. How are IRQ, DMA, and I\O port information displayed? Select all that apply.
    1. start, settings, control panel, system, device manager, double-click computer
    2. right-click "My Computer", properties, device manager, double-click "My Computer"
    3. run MSD
    4. run Explorer, system, properties, settings
    5. view the System key in the Registry

    Answer :A, B


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