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A+ Core Hardware practice questions

  1. RS-232 is a standard that applies to:
    1. serial ports
    2. parallel ports
    3. game ports
    4. networks
    5. digital frequencies

    Answer :A

  2. Comm ports use: (select all that apply)
    1. 9 pin male connector
    2. 14 pin female connector
    3. 25 pin male connector
    4. edge connector
    5. parallel connector

    Answer :A, C

  3. Before a modem transmits, it send a:
    1. RTS
    2. DTR
    3. DSR
    4. RQS
    5. TRX

    Answer :A

  4. RTS stands for:
    1. ready to start
    2. ready to switch
    3. request to send
    4. request to scan
    5. ready to set

    Answer :C

  5. In modem terminology, CD stands for:
    1. collect data
    2. call data
    3. cease deliver
    4. carrier detect
    5. comm detect

    Answer :D

  6. UART is a type of serial chip. Its letters stand for:
    1. unidirectional access regarding transmission
    2. universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter
    3. upper advanced real transfer
    4. unable all restore t-bits
    5. use all rom types

    Answer :B

  7. Select all true statements:
    1. com1 and com3 share the same IRQ
    2. com1 and com4 share the same IRQ
    3. com2 and com3 share the same IRQ
    4. com2 and com4 share the same IRQ
    5. com1 and com2 share the same IRQ

    Answer :A, D

  8. In modems that support more than 300 baud, baud and bps do not mean the same thing.
    1. true
    2. false

    Answer :A

  9. "bps" stands for bits per second. Baud is the number of discrete signals per second One discrete signal can encode more than one bit. Hence, a 9600 bps modem actually operates at 2400 baud. However, in common non-techie terminology, baud and bps are used synonymously, though that is not technically correct. These are all true statements.
    1. true
    2. false

    Answer :A

  10. ________ is the term used to refer to the process of two modems establishing communications with each other.
    1. interacting
    2. handshaking
    3. connecting
    4. linking
    5. pinging

    Answer :B

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