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A+ Core Hardware practice questions

  1. What should you use to clean the plastic cover on your monitor or PC? Select all that apply.
    1. alcohol
    2. damp sponge
    3. lint-free cloth
    4. WD-40
    5. mild soap solution

    Answer :C, E

  2. Dust in a computer actually increases the size of the magnetic fields inside it. This is not good, so you must occasionaly dust, I trust. What's the best way to do this?
    1. reverse vacuum
    2. any small vacuum device
    3. blow real hard on the system board
    4. use a lint-free cloth and wipe gently
    5. non-static compressed air

    Answer :E

  3. What's the best way to protect your hard drive data?
    1. regular backups
    2. periodically defrag it
    3. run chkdsk at least once a week
    4. run scandisk at least once a week
    5. run a regular diagnostic

    Answer :A

  4. A CRT's grid voltage can be as high as:
    1. 110 volts
    2. 5000 volts
    3. 15,000 volts
    4. 50,000 volts
    5. 1000 volts

    Answer :C

  5. A monitor's CRT (cathode ray tube) can pack quite a wallop of a charge even if it's been turned off for several days or more Before you service a monitor, you must discharge the CRT using a tool specific for that purpose. Before you do the discharge, what must you do first?
    1. make sure the monitor is not connected to a PC
    2. make sure the monitor is unplugged
    3. make sure the monitor is turned off
    4. make sure the brightness is turned down
    5. make sure your life insurance policy is paid up

    Answer :B

  6. ESD is least likely to cause damage to which components? Select all that apply.
    1. keyboard
    2. mouse
    3. cmos chips
    4. microprocessor
    5. adapter cards

    Answer :A, B

  7. Which of the following are input devices only? Select all that apply.
    1. modem
    2. mouse
    3. keyboard
    4. SCSI controller
    5. video card

    Answer :A, B

  8. Which of the following are both input/output devices? Select all that apply.
    1. modem
    2. SCSI controller
    3. keyboard
    4. mouse
    5. monitor

    Answer :A, B

  9. Which component stores an electrical charge?
    1. diode
    2. rectifier
    3. capacitor
    4. resistor
    5. transistor

    Answer :C

  10. On PC power supplies, the wire attached to pin one is usually:
    1. blue or red
    2. blue or white
    3. red or black
    4. red or white
    5. white or orange

    Answer :E


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