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A+ Core Hardware practice questions

  1. Your laser printer gives you an error code 50. This is usually caused by a defective:
    1. formatter board
    2. DC controller
    3. fuser assembly
    4. high voltage power supply
    5. laser unit

    Answer :C

  2. Laser printer toner is composed primarily of: (select all that apply)
    1. particles of plastic resin
    2. saw dust
    3. talc
    4. ash
    5. iron oxide (rust)

    Answer :A, E

  3. You plug a power supply's connectors onto the system board You know you did it correctly because:
    1. the two sets of black wires are facing the outside edge of the system board
    2. the two sets of black wires are together in the middle
    3. one set of black wires is outside, one is toward the inside
    4. all are facing the power supply
    5. it doesn't matter as long as they can be plugged in

    Answer :B

  4. An important first step in troubleshooting which component in a laser printer is causing a jam is to:
    1. note where in the paper path the paper stops
    2. check all voltages
    3. look up error codes
    4. turn the printer off, then on again
    5. remove the jammed paper

    Answer :A

  5. Select the best choice for cleaning laser toner from clothing:
    1. warm soapy water
    2. alcohol
    3. dry clean
    4. clean cloth with cool water
    5. pure dishwashing detergent

    Answer :D

  6. During the fusing process, toner is:
    1. dry pressed into the paper
    2. electrically bonded to the paper
    3. melted into the paper
    4. glued to the paper
    5. high pressure sprayed onto the paper

    Answer :C

  7. On the PC side, the printer port is a:
    1. 25 pin female serial connector
    2. 15 pin female parallel connector
    3. 25 pin male serial connector
    4. 15 pin female serial connector
    5. 25 pin female parallel connector

    Answer :E

  8. ISA is a ___ bit technology.
    1. 8/16
    2. 16/32
    3. 4/8
    4. 12/24
    5. 32/64

    Answer :A

  9. A device which supports DMA is able to i/o with memory by and large bypassing the CPU. Bus mastering takes this a step further by allowing a bus-master device to take charge of the data bus and send data to other devices, including memory, and also allows two bus master devices to talk to each other without requiring the services of the CPU. Does ISA support bus mastering?
    1. no
    2. yes
    3. yes, but only one device
    4. yes, but only in a Pentium
    5. yes, in a DX, but not an SX

    Answer :B

  10. EISA and MCA devices do not have jumper settings. How are they configured? Select all that apply.
    1. CMOS setup
    2. Windows setup
    3. through DOS
    4. dip switches
    5. EISA configuration utility or IBM reference diskette (MCA)

    Answer :E


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