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A+ Core Hardware practice questions

  1. On most floppy cables, the order for the connectors is:
    1. adapter, drive A, drive B
    2. adapter, tape drive connector, drive A
    3. adapter, drive B, drive A
    4. adapter, drive A or B, drive A or B
    5. depends on cmos settings

    Answer :C

  2. The print from a dot-matrix printer is light and uneven. This is most likely caused by:
    1. defective printhead
    2. worn ribbon
    3. paper not advancing properly
    4. defective carriage assembly
    5. worn platten

    Answer :B

  3. The print from a dot-matrix printer is sometimes light, sometimes dark. This is most likely caused by:
    1. worn ribbon
    2. paper not advancing properly
    3. worn platten
    4. defective printhead
    5. defective carriage assembly

    Answer :B

  4. On a dot-matrix printer, regular lube maintainence should be followed, but this component should never be lubed:
    1. platten bearings
    2. carriage rails
    3. printhead
    4. paper advance bearings
    5. carriage bearings

    Answer :C

  5. When you move a mouse, the mouse pointer is positioned via:
    1. GPS
    2. analog pulses
    3. pressure sensors
    4. friction detectors
    5. pulses of light

    Answer :E

  6. Your laser printer is on, you hear the fan running, but it won't print. What is the first thing you should check?
    1. that all the cables are connected securely
    2. that the correct print driver is installed
    3. that the printer is online
    4. that the printer has paper
    5. that the printer is not jammed

    Answer :C

  7. In laser printing, there are six steps the printer follows. What comes between the conditioning phase and the developing phase?
    1. transer phase
    2. writing phase
    3. fusing phase
    4. cleaning phase
    5. nothing

    Answer :B

  8. During the laser printer's conditioning phase a uniform charge of _______ is placed on the photosensitive drum.
    1. +1000 volt
    2. +600 volts
    3. -600 volts
    4. -1000 volts
    5. + 12 volts

    Answer :C

  9. In order to place this charge on the drum, the primary corona wire must emit a charge of:
    1. +15000 volts
    2. -110 volts
    3. +110 volts
    4. -6000 volts
    5. +6000 volts

    Answer :D

  10. The transfer corona uses a/an ______ charge to attract the toner to the paper.
    1. negative
    2. positive
    3. alternating
    4. magnetic
    5. electronic pulse

    Answer :B


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