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POST Practice Questions

  1. Current is measured:
    1. in parallel
    2. only when you turn the device off first, then connect your meter to the device in series, then turning it back on
    3. after checking voltage
    4. only when you turn the device off first, then touch the correct meter leads to the corresponding terminals
    5. only on an open circuit

    Answer :B

  2. AC ripple is unwanted AC current where there should only be direct current. When AC is rectified to DC, it is difficult, if not impossible to get rid of all the AC voltage, though a certain amount is tolerable You want to measure the AC voltage in a DC circuit, so you set your meter to measure:
    1. DC voltage
    2. AC voltage
    3. DC current
    4. AC current
    5. ripple

    Answer :B

  3. Anti-static plastic bags are:
    1. conductive
    2. non-conductive
    3. part rubber, part plastic
    4. 90% non-porous
    5. magneto-resistive

    Answer :A

  4. POST stands for:
    1. positive operating system test
    2. particle of static transfer
    3. power on self test
    4. printer online static test
    5. printer online standard test

    Answer :C

  5. POST is done when the PC is: (select all that apply)
    1. warm booted
    2. first turned on
    3. CTRL-ALT-DELETE booted
    4. restarted with the reset button
    5. giving a numeric error code

    Answer :A, C

  6. The POST routine, which counts system board ram first, is stored in:
    1. ram
    2. microprocessor
    3. rom bios
    4. cmos
    5. 8259 POST controller

    Answer :C

  7. A 1xx (x can be any digit) POST error code indicates a problem with the:
    1. video
    2. ram or rom
    3. hard drive
    4. system board
    5. first adapter card

    Answer :D

  8. A 2xx POST error code indicates a problem with:
    1. ram or rom
    2. hard drive
    3. system board
    4. second adapter card
    5. cmos battery

    Answer :A

  9. A 3xx POST error code indicates a problem with:
    1. mouse
    2. keyboard
    3. floppy drive
    4. video adapter
    5. monitor

    Answer :B

  10. A 4xx, 5xx, or 24xx POST error code indicates a problem with:
    1. hard drive
    2. IRQ controller
    3. video adapter
    4. keyboard
    5. floppy drive

    Answer :C


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